User in the loop

Welcome to the "user-in-the-loop" (UIL) project! Useful information about our exciting yet simple idea.

UIL for Wireless Communications:

The user-in-the-loop project is defined based on the simple idea of researching users' "wireless behavior" and trying to control such behavior in order to efficiently use available wireless resources, including but not limited to bandwidth. In this scheme, users’ wireless behavior is modeled (measured by surveys, translated to approximating -and dynamic- mathematical models), and then controlled by a closed-loop -real time- control system. The idea can have numerous applications, but we are focusing on applications in the field of wireless and wired communications at this point. Our work also proposes dynamic tariff plans and a logarithmic base tariff to overcome the trouble caused by flat rates. Because of similarities to demand control we call it the “smart grid of communications”.

UIL for demand control in other conflicts with limited resources:

Indeed, the idea has important implications for efficient resource (and energy) consumption as well as environmental sustainability for it allows a much smarter use of increasingly scarce resources such as energy, water, and bandwidth. The unique point of UIL compared the the “classical” demand control is the immediate feedback to the user (e.g., by means of a mobile device) and closed-loop dynamic incentives, which leads to a psychological training/learning effect and thus reduces congestion (overuse) even more.

Please browse various pages of this website to obtain further information about this project and the publication page to access resources related to this project. Please email the principal investigator, Dr. Rainer Schoenen, regarding your questions.UIL user in the loop diagram


Keywords: User-in-the-loop (UIL); spectral efficiency; mobile communications; cellular networks; control loop; demand shaping; smart grid; dynamic tariff; usage based pricing; logarithmic tariff; sustainability; spatial and temporal control; smart grid of communications; sustainable networks

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